Commercial Litigation

MZC has considerable experience managing, resolving and trying multi-party and complex claims in nearly every substantive area of commercial law.   Our broad range of industry experience gives us the knowledge to successfully and clearly present the most complicated cases to judges, juries, arbitrators and mediators alike.  Our reputation enables clients to send the strong message that they are unshaken by the possibility of trial.

Our areas of commercial litigation include:

  • Class actions
  • Business disputes
  • Breach of commercial contracts (private and government)
  • Real estate
  • False advertising and unfair competition
  • Fraud
  • D&O/Shareholder litigation
  • Trade secrets
  • Defamation, libel and slander
  • Product liability
  • Consumer protection statutes

While we do not believe every case should go to trial, we do believe every case gains a competitive advantage from a trial-ready approach. Leveraging the unique perspective of a well-experienced lawyer is the most powerful positioning tool for achieving the best possible solution in arbitration, mediation or other negotiated settlement forums.

MZC has the depth of experience required to identify, very early in the evaluation of the case, the primary issues of law and fact, provide reliable outcome scenarios, and develop realistic alternative resolution options. We also aggressively pursue pre-trial strategies, including opportunities to win on dispositive motions, which could lead to favorable resolution before trial.