Our firm defends all types of industries in claims arising out of state and federal labor laws.  We have defended employers in matters ranging from class actions relating to minimum wage, overtime, meal breaks, rest breaks, wage statements, reimbursement, and pay upon termination.  We have also represented employers in wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment suits, and work with clients to conduct internal workplace investigations when claims arise, or may arise.  We handle many non-litigation matters, particularly relating to transition issues.  For example, we are often called upon to examine employment agreements of departing or soon to be hired employees and independent contractors to examine the enforceability of particular provisions, and provide advice concerning such agreements.  We have also developed a specialized practice in cases challenging the classification of independent contractors by individuals claiming employee status. These matters include the successful defense of class actions alleging independent contractor misclassification.  We have been asked to present seminars for our employer clients’ human resources personnel to familiarize them with new legal developments and best practices.